Thursday, March 23, 2006

I am back!

Yes, I'm back! It's been a long, long while, living without theatre, that's used to my life and my every day routine.

Time flies back to year 1992, when I first enroll myself into a local college, the only college that has a 'Drama Department' in Malaysia at that time.

I'm now a mother of two, not step into theatre for more than twice in a year, I'd say I was like I never learned and never knew theater ever! That's not good :(

Did read some of the reviews on the current show written by some theatre lovers or participants, but honestly speaking, not much critical review or any kind of real comments out there, what I read was just another synopsis written in a different way! And if I'm not wrong, there are only maybe one or two people are writing it.

For me, the chances to really participate into theatre work again is very slim, I'd rather be an audience, and maybe, write some review, or to be precise, a feeling or a thought towards the show, a very personal emotions towards it.....

I wish I could have more chance to go and watch a show; I wish I could have write something after I watched a show.

Until next time.....