Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Make a way out

Do I need to sit at home every day without any social life? Or I'll just need to make a way out for myself?

The answer is obvious.

Last Saturday evening when I suggested we go out for dinner then he said he need to go out for a dance show, so he can't dinner with us, or we might want to order our food and have it at our home so that he can has enough time to rush for the show.

I was so upset then because I'm always the one who need to sit at home to take care of our two little one while he can go out to enjoy his life without inform us before hand.

And when will I have a chance to sit in the theatre to enjoy a show again?

There are plenty of shows and workshops out there every night, but I have no chance to participate, and I'm out-of-the-scene as a theatre lover for too long.

I'll find a way out for myself to get involve in what I enjoy most, from now.

Yes, I promise.