Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Choreography for Non-Choreographers

It was a real great experience to watch a group of non-choreographers on stage to present the piece that choreograph by them!

Even though you know from their performance that they are not a dancer, but they do did a good job by putting their thought thru the piece, and they are really putting in with their efforts, you can feel it while you watch them perform on stage.

I personally like the "Unrequited" choreograph by
Vernon Adrian Emuang, it's touched my heart, especially the end part when all the performers line up in two lines, and one of the performer lay down on their hands.

The song is beautiful, Hallelujah; and the performer Mark Teh, you are great!

Hope to see more work from you guys, and maybe, I'll come and join you too :)

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