Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Malaysian Theatre's Database

I am recently trying to help one of my friends to dig out the information on how many performances being shown in Malaysia throughout the years; how many tickets have been sold (so the figure of how many people do come to the theatre to enjoy a show); and also the average cost people spending on performing arts.

It is not suprise that this is kind of a Mission Impossible to me, as I am not familiar with the database kind of thing, also got no one who can answer my questions when I am trying to ask around.

I tried google it out, but no precise result found; I tried to send an email to the ticketing company, who handle most of the shows (including concert and theatre performances which selling tickets to public) in Malaysia, but they did not reply. The only resource that helpful was from, the performing arts portal in Malaysia. Although they do not provide us with figure, but they have all the shows which listed with them in their archive, so at least we can do some search from there and make our own compilation on how many shows had been shown.

Come to the costing part, I told my friend, unless you are wealthy enough to pay to the research company like AC Nelson, then they will do the research and get the accurate report done for you! Does anyone in Malaysia, a theatre organization or practitioner did do the research to find out the figure? I don't think so. Even government might not have the figure.

Now think about the Chinese Theatre in Malaysia, the whole situation is not friendly though, as we can't even get the accurate performing arts information in our national language, as well as the International language, what else can we get for Chinese Theatre in Malaysia? We really need someone who is so dedicated to works something out for it.

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