Friday, November 03, 2006

An incident

An incident happen this morning. I was in the office at 10am sharp or even half an hour earlier as usual, I go to the ladies after checking on my inbox. Everything seems normal and okay, only until my boss call me when I came back from the ladies 10 minutes later.

She was so angry where my supervisor and I were while I was still blur on what happen! She was asking me where are all the stuffs that we suppose to bring her? she is waiting on the road side under the sun, and she can't get anyone to answer her call!

Only until my supervisor was back and she tells us the whole story, it was all mis-communication.

Ok, the story end.

I am in an embarrassing situation in this office.

Obviously my boss trusted me a lot and she wanted me to be the person-in-charge as a supervisor, but due to my current employment status (She agreed that I work as a part-timer at the beginning stage, once things are okay with me then we will negotiate further to turn my position into a permanent staff basic), those who are working here are not paying the necessary attention on me, and even only treated me as a helper! My supervisor is not letting me know what happening in the office all the time, even when I ask her, she will act busy and said: wait ya! then my times up for the day, with no answer from her! That's why most of the time when boss come to me for certain thing, I am normally unable to answer! That's really terrible for me to work in such a situation, even though boss asked me to be in-charge since she got the resignation letter from my supervisor!

It will sure put me into more trouble in future since I already told my boss that I'm unable to take the role to work as a supervisor once my current supervisor leave the company, instead I prefer to stay in the same position as for now, so that I can have sufficient amount of time to take care of my kids..

I will leave the company but no choice if the situation keep getting worst until the end of the year. It's not worth my time and effort to travel to the office every day, paying the toll fees and petrol and parking fees, with no fulfillment, no satisfaction and appreciation in the office, I'd rather spend more time stay with my kids and write more articles.

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